Hardwood Floor Services

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Keep hardwood floors looking good with smart cleaning methods.

     Wood is a natural living material , and always tries to adapt to conditions in space. Your under the tree must be cultivated and maintained appropriately. Changes in temperature and relative humidity of the space leading to the swelling or shrinkage of wood . Maintaining wood floors is to protect the final coating from scratches and maintain adequate climatic conditions in the area . If you want to have a beautiful and durable flooring, you must comply with the following key rules .

Protection of the final coating SCRATCH

    The first two weeks after refinishing parquet use very carefully . On entering post quality mats , which prevent sand entering the room where the flooring . During the initial period after installation of parquet , avoid putting carpets or other floor coverings in order to avoid differences in the oxidation and discoloration of wood. Furniture Carefully place seven days after coating ( do not bother to drag but lift it up and move ) , flooring lay a month later . We recommend that the legs of chairs , tables and objects that move stick protective pads , a chair with wheels (special soft rubber wheels ) to use appropriate washers. The first month we do not recommend cleaning with water and cleaning agents , this period also does not recommend that the lacquered floor walking in shoes with high heels . Floors start to clean four weeks after coating . Flooring cleaning vacuum cleaner (continued cleaning must be rough on the bottom side ) or a soft cloth. If you spill water or any other liquid immediately delete it . Stains from coffee , red wine or ketchup wipe immediately that it would not have left a lasting impact . If floors are very dirty must be cleaned by hand with a cloth . Do not use a wet cloth from which water cap , can cause damage to the parquet ( flooring can swell ) .
We do not recommend scrubbing floors or cleaning Swab strong and harsh cleaning agents ( can damage the light, moisture and dust could penetrate the wood).
     Shelf life easy you can extend if it occasionally coat aqueous emulsion wax or similar means for the care of parquet . In rooms where always walk the same narrow band ( corridors , stairways ), and areas where you walk in dirty and wet shoes , we recommend that you use appropriate mats . Carpets should be periodically removed or come to terms with the fact that for some time flooring under the carpet to be brighter than the rest of the parquet. In fact , under the influence of ultraviolet light wood color changes. In floor heating is an important kind of flooring is installed and how much they respected the instructions on the gradual increase of temperature in the room.
Keep the room temperature between 18 and 22 º C.
     The relative humidity of the space must be maintained between 45 % and 60 % . During the winter period , ie . heating season, it is necessary to control the relative humidity of the space and the space needed to use humidifiers to maintain the desired level of relative humidity. It is necessary to prevent the exposure of parquet direct influence of sunlight . For regular cleaning, use a vacuum vacuum cleaners or special towels to attract dust . Under dry or maintain a well wrung cloth and designated funds. The choice of cleaning and maintenance of parquet depends on the type of finish parquet. You should be aware that small cracks can not be completely avoided , although you respect all instructions , because the tree is alive and natural material that you can never completely overcome.