Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

     Experts are confirmed owners of carpet that devoting more attention to cleaning carpets than maintaining mebliranog and leather furniture is not justified. The same plot of land that fell from the air onto the carpet , falling on all horizontal surfaces in your home , such as upholstered furniture .

     Studies show that washing the furniture should be done at least twice a year , and if there are smokers in the house or pets , at least three or four times a year , why are your furniture and furniture is one of our major investment and therefore choice who clean your furniture is not a small decision .

     Your furniture is very important to the look of your space . Using pH-neutral chemistry clean your upholstery , it will be drawn deep dirt , leaving nothing but purity and pleasant aroma of green apple on your furniture .

Deep cleaning of furniture

     We use our furniture everyday , and he is exempt from dirt and wear. When it does require professional care to preserve the quality of the material . Deep cleaning of furniture upholstery, leather , eco - leather is one of the most complex tasks that require complicated techniques.
Today there are over 100 material which is coated furniture . Through organized more monthly training workers acquire the knowledge and skills for each specific cleaning that needs to be done .
The most convenient method of deep wash furniture provides the best results cleaning your furniture as well as a greater sense of comfort and complete satisfaction of your employees . Regular maintenance of your furniture odisaće purity and freshness .
As with cleaning furniture for individuals with each re-treatment ensures the absence of negative odors , small and sharp debris that contribute to the rapid deterioration of your furniture , a variety of bacteria and dust mites that may be the cause of many allergies , back color and freshness and extend shelf life.

Cleaning leather furniture

     Over time, human fat, perspiration, skin acids and other impurities can affect the leather furniture. Unfortunately, many products on the market are adapted to maintain the skin and can cause skin dryness and cracking. That's why we always recommend that you hire a professional cleaner who have extensive knowledge and range of products for cleaning leather and leather furniture and that can always request you to show your certificate for products with which the work is done. Regular periodic cleaning can prevent unnecessary wear and to keep your furniture in a fantastic appearance. Our recommendation is to keep your leather furniture at least three times a year.

Service upholstery cleaning:

  • Upholstery 
  • Washing chair and stool 
  • Washing beds and mattresses 
  • Wash cloth