Cleaning Persian Rugs

Cleaning Persian Rugs

One of the many factors in the beauty of the carpet is the way its maintenance. Pollution and soiling the carpet not only makes it unattractive, but also contributes to its further damage. It is evident that the carpets with lighter versions and Fuzzy, as well as those who are subject to constant fouling and trampling, require more frequent cleaning. The best way to remove dirt from the carpet is ordinary broom. However, it takes more time and effort, but provides long-lasting carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner with lower speeds, from time to time, we also will not harm the carpet, but I do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush, rotating brush as it will contribute to the tearing of hair, and will lead to the break nodes. We recommend that once in a few weeks, clean the back of the carpet. With such a carpet cleaning odstraniće dirt and background carpet. We would like to draw your attention to the fringes, which are most vulnerable to damage. For their tenderness advise you to be careful while cleaning carpet cleaning as well as the ends of the carpet. At the end of the last obstacles to be avoided more often shaking carpets or rugs ( custom in some incorporates all European countries ) as you shake your blanket or sheet and do not put on a balcony or terrace. Everyday shaking carpets contribute nodes to gradually let go and come out. Hanging handheld carpet at the window or balcony, it will not only expose the same in the snow and sun, but also contribute to changing the color ( fading ) as a result of solar radiation.

The removal of moisture from the Persian Carpet

Allow moisture to remain in the carpet, the most damaging same. Humidity washed carpets should immediately be removed with the help of a sponge, cloth or other fabrics and can then briefly exposed to the sun or hair dryer to dry out the front and rear of the carpet, then slide your finger to massage the hair drained of.

Removing stains from a Persian carpet

When the carpet is stained or soiled by colored substances such as coffee, tea, syrup, oil, shoe polish, urine or feces of animals, the first thing that needs to be done to get it removed from the carpet, and then to eliminate using detergents such as soap, Pudre different washing agents or different adsorbent. It should be noted that each colored stains can cleanse with special otstranjivajućim agent and podspecijalnim conditions. For example, the patches made ​​from orange juice, milk, coffee, tea, chocolate use water and neutral soap or vinegar. If the stains caused by grease or oil, you first need to be removed immediately from Lazic and then spreads through the patches of white cloth which irons semi hot iron. In this way, the fat or oil that entered the carpet will be absorbed into the fabric. When the colors that are in cream or white base mat made ​​of soft wool ( for weaving) are copied for any reason, copying the colors can be cleaned using a chemical solution called sodium hydrosulfite, and of course, takes time and patience. The way to do this is as follows, first pour a small amount of acid and diluted yogurt and warm water. Then Swab treat the affected area. It should be borne in mind that the amount of hydrosulfite was used in the solution depends on its freshness. Do not apply the solution to the moment when I do not feel bad odor. How to create a bad smell tolerable can add sodium bicarbonate or popular and soda. If the amount of hydrosulfite exceed normal limits, hair carpet will be damaged. To check the efficiency of the solution, we first test a small area of carpet. If we get good results then extended to the entire carpet, in other words complied with, adding hydrosulfite increases force the elimination of color in the solution until you get the required effect. If, in the end, the color is brighter than it should be, then with a cloth soaked in tea go area rugs until the desired hue shift. 

To achieve all this should be used :

- When washing only use cold water.
Like detergent to use special means (shampoo ) for hand washing of Persian rugs.
- In order to preserve softness flora should use a soft brush (usually made ​​of horsehair )
- Because of the gloss paint is recommended to add the vinegar in dishwasher detergents. ( 2 tablespoons)
- To dry the carpet we use special scaffolding that are predicted to dry the carpet to carpet could be effectively dried on both sides. Before washing, we tested whether the carpet is of constant color, we will see the following, we take a wet cloth, white, and massaged over the carpet. If you notice traces of color, it indicates that the wallflower during the wash mix, so it is not advisable to wash the house. Never immerse the carpet in the solution because the basis is not susceptible to dirt, but only flora. Carpet should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as this will change the color of just the opposite. Not extend it and do not place on the grass. Do not place it near a fireplace or other heat source. Also avoid placing near radiators or under the surface of a hot tube, because the constant heat contribute to dry natural hair oil, and because the carpet will lose its luster. Never stretches the carpet in place while it is wet, it can be costly and apart. Finally, we'd like to draw your attention to a few points that are important for carpet cleaning. Before washing to remove coarse dirt and dust. I small piece of carpet do not wash in the washing machine.

Privacy Persian carpet moth

Moths can be a lot of damage to the carpet. The moth is small peperuga the Latin name TINCOLA BISELLIELIA, which can perform more than 100 eggs in the first 2-3 weeks of their lives. The moth can destroy 42 pounds of wool after 4 generations. As a safeguard, the long absence from home people in Iran use the most naphthalene or camphor, this is old but useful method which is worth mentioning. Another conventional method is to spray the carpet with MARTENSPRAY. Spraying it on both sides. The best advice for protection from moths, if it is possible to leave the table more open windows and doors to keep the air circulating through the carpet.

A few tips for keeping the Persian Carpet

 Our recommendations for keeping carpets are following
- Do not expose the rug to constant and intense sunlight.
- Do not put him on the pot, if it gets wet it immediately clear, from both sides
- Occasionally you spin it the other way around from the side on which he trampled on, so you will have a constant friction in both directions.
- Avoid lying under the door because over time, that part may be ututka or damaged.
- If the carpet is on the floor, which is slick (marble, linoleum ) as a supplement to be added to the sponge, or as PVC, but it has to be a size smaller than the carpet.
- You have to be careful with the heavy legs of furniture, which can leave marks on the carpet.
 In such cases, we recommend placing the wood, linoleum or the like.
- Keeping pets can be affected by damage carpet. Recommended control in their behavior, but if it comes to urinating carpet, then it must be read from both sides.
- While maintaining carpets we must pay attention to the fringes, which are the most sensitive part of the carpet and can be most easily damaged.
- Last, our recommendation is to constantly keep your carpet clean to be able to show all their beauty and splendor.