Cleaning Air Conditioners

Cleaning Air Conditioners

     Any advise on the manufacturer as often as cleaning the air conditioner , even the warranty on the device causes annual service or extend the time of the annual service . The Council follows two very important factors , first the cleanliness of the room air , and other purity device that allows unrestricted airflow and operation.

     Why is it important to prepare the device for the summer season ?
Air quality as the most important factor to who is in the room depends on the quality and cleanliness of the filters in the indoor unit air conditioners . For service does not need to wait for an unpleasant odor or worse cooling or heating .

    For standard household air (split system ) no air exchange with the external drive or even outdoor air does not affect the interior . After the non-use during the winter period in the climate are accumulated microorganisms (bacteria ) , mold and fungi . Cause of poor indoor air quality is poor , sometimes no , cleaning filters in the indoor unit .
     Depending on the filter , use the room and the number of smokers in it some of the filters must be cleaned weekly , monthly, yearly. Even more care should be taken if the user has allergies ( dust , pet bacteria ... ) , sensitive sinuses ...

     Wet, dirty and dark places inside air conditioners contribute to the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi .

     Every year , in addition to regular washing the filter needs to be done , and annual service when fully cleaned and disinfected with outdoor and indoor unit . Thus, the indoor unit disinfect ( clean ) of dirt , bacteria, microorganisms that have passed the filter inside the unit and keep the heat exchanger .

Regular maintenance - cleaning filters

     Filters , it is necessary to clean - accompanied at intervals up to a month depending on the smoke in the room , the time when the device works . So take off all dirt , bacteria ...
Regular cleaning of filters to extend the life of the device .

The process of cleaning the filter - how to get to the filter , which is necessary to clean it is necessary to remove the cover inside the unit.

The cover is easily removed , usually has a " lock " at the bottom of which is a simple movement to the interior rooms open . On the cover, there are openings for the passage of air , which also needs to be washed .
Filters are cleaned by being immersed in warm water (30 º C) , which can optionally be added to a cleanser . So immersed are allowed up to 30 min and then washed with tap water , dry out and return to the indoor unit . If the air conditioner uses a special filter to search for a user to clean it . The cover of indoor unit simply returns the reverse order of removal.

If when cleaning the indoor unit detects that honeycomb the outdoor unit is soiled it is necessary to clean and disinfect the entire device .


There are various means of more or less help during maintenance - cleaning and disinfection of air conditioners . The means used are mainly intended only air conditioners.