Carpet Cleaning

Methods for cleaning carpets 

Here are some of the methods and procedures when cleaning carpets: 

  • Mandatory tipping and carpets 
  • The use of antibacterial spray and suspension of soil particles and grease from the carpet fibers 
  • Deep rotary washing machine that rubbed spray and degraded soil particles and grease 
  • Ekstraciono rinse with warm water to fully draw clean water from the carpet 
  • Washing and bleaching fringe 
  • Grooming and cleaning fibers to give a unique look (helps in drying the carpet) 
  • Drying Carpet in chambers which speeds up the process and avoids the return of wet carpet to take on an unpleasant smell of moisture that can not be removed, but the carpets need to re-monitored 

All processes can be repeated until your carpets do not lead to an exceptional level of cleanliness.