Cleaning carpets, curtains, upholstery

     The smell in the house depends on the fabric in it , especially the carpet , drapes and curtains , and upholstery fabric ... Summer is the time to wash them thoroughly clean and evaporate for the upcoming winter season . At home it is best to have the natural materials of wool, cotton or plant fibers such as sisal , jute , cotton and coconut because they are easier to maintain and last longer, no matter how often it clean .

     Carpets can certainly the easiest to maintain in service, which are washed depth and machine , and this is practically the only solution for cleaning and whitening fringe . The service is first thoroughly inspect carpets and stains and grease are removed by chemical means, followed by shampooing machine , when you shampoo rubbed rotating brush and create a rich foam. This form allows the brush to penetrate all the layers of fabric cleaner . This is followed by rinsing when water is injected under high pressure into the carpet and foam and dirt are removed by suction . This process is done not only with the claimed model substrate .

     However , many people have problems with allergies to aggressive chemical cleaners , especially when a large area , such as floor mats in question. This problem will not solve it by yourself to create a solution that would thoroughly to remove odors and dirt from your carpet , no matter from which the materials . After vacuuming or dump , clean carpet solution of 3 dl of apple vinegar , 7 dl lemon juice , half a liter of water , buckets of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils of citrus, lavender or a third party of your choice . Soak a sponge in this mixture and rub the carpet , and then let it dry . In addition to the pleasant smell that will be released and stains. Purchase of plant protection fabrics never applied to a dirty carpet , it will just blindly dirt and dust and make cleaning more difficult.

     Wool carpets are the most demanding washing , but they have an advantage over other materials because it does not emit toxic substances and do not disturb the humidity in the room. Can be cleaned with or without water , the practical way of dry chemical , wherein is used a powder or granules to be applied to the entire surface and left for a while to extract stains , and dirt , and then aspirated . Wet cleaning wool fiber is made by the steam as hot jet destroys microorganisms and removes grease and stains , but it is much better to do than in the home. If your wool carpet spilled wine , coffee or stained chocolate or greasy foods , do not rub the stain with a sponge or cloth so that it will expand and become upadljivivija . The best is that , while the fresh stain , through her soft pats of paper to absorb liquids or grease , and then to clean the place with the help of alcohol and water , or a mild detergent solution .

     Last season , the focus is shaggy carpets made ​​of synthetic fiber that does not stick dust . They are easy to maintain and only the dry method , first the good lash out and suck up and be wiped with soapy water and a cloth .

     Curtains and draperies are not dirty the carpet , but absorb odors and need to be updated regularly , especially if you are from natural and delicate fabrics such as silk, linen , satin ... Supporting them in warm water to which you add 150 g sodium hydroxide dissolved soda and let it sit for a few hours , then rinse in clean water , but add a few drops fresheners , or fabric softener .

     Upholstery fabrics on furniture scrub sponge and baking soda to remove the dirt , then wipe it off with lukewarm water with the addition of lemon juice and essential oil of your choice .

Natural carpet cleaners part 2

Carpets can be cleaned and refreshed by natural means by our grandmothers' recipes . Here are a few suggestions
Hygiene in the home is not necessary to buy a variety of chemical agents . For example , you can refresh your carpets clean and natural resources according to the recipes of our grandmothers . Here are a few suggestions .
* Combine 3 tablespoons crushed 250g soap and starch flour . Rub this mixture well the carpet and then vacuum it .
* If you want to refresh the paint on the carpet , mix half a liter of water , a tablespoon of three percentage hydrogen and bucket of ashes , and all the stir . This mixture of clean carpet and vacuum it .
* To refresh the rug can help and essential oil . Mix a bag of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil that you like and let sit for a while . This mixture to rub the carpet and leave an hour to complete the effect . Then a damp cloth only go over the carpet .
* To clean and refreshing , too , you can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar 30ml , 70ml lemon juice , half a liter of water , buckets of boric acid and a few drops of essential oil of rose or lavender . This mixture to clean the carpet and vacuum it .
* Patches will best to clean water and vinegar. Put them in a sprayer and spray the mixture on the stain , wait ten minutes , then scrub with a cloth or brush and go with a damp cloth.

Natural carpet cleaners

Many cleaners contain: hydroxyacetic acid, alcohol, bleach, that should not come into contact with the skin. Why would you use those funds on carpets on which you walk, or where children crawl or sit.

To make your carpet cleaner does not need a lot of ingredients and it is quite simply, a carpet will smell wonderful.
Carpet cleaning Preparation:
2 cup borax , 1 cup of baking soda and essential oil of your choice, 10 drops ( peppermint, lavender, rosemary... ) . When choosing essential oils, keep in mind that not all good for babies and pregnant women or children, so they get to know each oil before you start using it. In LifePress magazine you will find a multitude of articles on essential oils and their beneficial effects.
Mix together all ingredients in a bowl. If the appearance of lumps, do not worry, just break them and stir again. Keep the mixture in a dry place.

Carpet cleaning

     Rugs and carpets cleaned in order to remove stains , dirt and other allergens that can be found in the texture of the carpet. There are several methods of cleaning carpets whether modern or traditional . Carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner is not necessarily the best method . Often after vacuuming the carpet remains a large amount of bacteria and dust mites . One way to clean carpet is the same washing in water with detergent. This method is very demanding because it requires physical work tends transport and scrubbing the carpet . If you will decide on it suggest that carpet clean during the summer months when they can dry out the house . Cleanser that you use can be universally or specifically for carpets .

     The traditional way of cleaning carpets to dry and one in which it is used vinegar . Rug or carpet vacuum cleaner good clean up , and then in a bowl make a mixture of water and vinegar. Take a damp cloth and the surface you clean the carpet , not to water it too much solution . Vinegar gives excellent results because it has a great possibility of destroying unwanted bacteria and dust mites . After the carpet dries , go after him another vacuum.

     With vinegar , there are some natural methods of carpet cleaning. So you can use a potato. Grate the potatoes and pour the boiling water , and after a rest , make the mixture to scrub the carpet . Once you are done go carpet with a vacuum cleaner . There are many tricks that can help you maintain your carpets. If there is a lot of static electricity on your carpet , spray it a solution of water and fabric softener . If you do not want to see the traces of furniture on the carpet , on the spot to place the ice cubes and wait for it to melt. Once dry vacuum switch and traces of it should be .

Cleaning carpet services blogspot

     We wrote and published our first blog carpet cleaning. The following blogs will deal with the types and methods of cleaning. You need to decide which method, how you are going to clean your carpets, furniture, windows, etc.. and to choose the right company to clean the carpets. Of course you need to pay attention to the price of a cleaned, and the quality of cleaning should be satisfactory. 

     We hope to help you in choosing the company for cleaning, we will be happy.

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