Bathroom Tiles Cleaning

Bathroom Tiles Cleaning

     TO bathroom tiles, wall and floor, was a great first day and last long, it is necessary to delete them daily with a wet cloth. 

     However, as very few people in this taut, and the bathroom is usually a lot of moisture and dust, chips will inevitably lose their luster, joints become dark. 

     Make a solution of 100 ml of white vinegar, 100 ml of ammonia, and 4 liters of warm water. This clean plates and wash them with water. Or, dilute the vinegar with equal amount of water, wipe the panel and rub them with a dry cloth. 

To clean the tiles never use abrasive cleaners! 

     To remove lime scale and mildew from tile, clean it with a solution made of one cap of bleach or bleach to 20 liters of water. Let stand in a bucket for 20 minutes before use. Floor tiles with a soft brush, a sponge wall (gloves are optional). 

     When you scrub the surface, do not rinse them immediately. Wait 15 minutes, then do it with plenty of water, then wash with mild detergent, then rinse and wipe with a cotton cloth. 

     If the joints are starting to dark, clean them with a toothbrush dipped in undiluted white vinegar. The same can be done with a mixture of baking powder (or baking soda) with water. Or, mix a quarter cup of mild detergent with ten liters of water and time, with the help of a sponge, clean critical areas, and rinse with water. 

     There are markers for coloring the joints, but they are recommended for smaller areas. They are used as common markers.